Session 9a: Hyperspectral IR – assimilation

1 December 2017 10:45 – 12:15
Chairs: Fiona Smith and Louis Garand

9.01 Vincent Guidard What is the impact of IASI in global NWP?


Norio Kamekawa


Assimilation of Suomi-NPP/CrIS radiances into the JMA’s global NWP system


Marco Matricardi


The use of reconstructed radiances to assimilate the full IASI spectrum at ECMWF


Jun Li


Impact of assimilating the VIIRS-based CrIS cloud-cleared radiances on hurricane forecasts
9.05 Kirsti Salonen Impact of hyperspectral IR radiances on wind analyses


David Santek


Feature-tracked 3D winds from hyperspectral infrared sounders: Status and requirements for future missions