Session 8b: Composition

1 December 2017 09:45 – 10:15
Chairs: Antonia Gambacorta and Tomas August



Olivier Membrive


Retrieval of the 3 main anthropogenic greenhouse gases from IASI: status and lessons learned for validation


Guido Masiello


Physically-based simultaneous retrieval for CO, CO2, CH4, HNO3, NH3, OCS and N2O from IASI observations and inter-comparison with in situ observations and AIRS, GOSAT, OCO-2 satellite products


Vivienne Payne


Harnessing the power of sounders for atmospheric composition and chemical assimilation


Virginie Capelle


A decade of Infrared dust aerosol characteristics (AOD and mean layer altitude) retrieved daily from IASI


Alexander Polyakov


Technique and results of retrieving the total ozone content using satellite IR measurements from «Meteor-М» No 2


Jonghyuk Lee


Uncertainty of temperature sounding caused by the variation of CO2 concentration
8p.07 Chien-Ben Chou Using MTSAT-2 Visible Images to Retrieve Aerosol Optical Depth


Dirceu Luis Herdies


Estimation of the Aerosols Direct Radiative Forcing in the Amazon region using MODIS


Olivier Coopmann


Towards a strengthening of the coupling of Numerical Weather Prediction and Chemistry Transport Models to improve the retrieval of thermodynamic fields from infra-red passive sounders: The ozone case


Olivier Coopmann


Greenhouse gases in-situ profiles from the APOGEE campaign in support to satellite infrared sounder assimilation