Session 7: NWP centre reports

30 November 2017 14:00 – 14:40
Chairs: Dirceu Herdies and Eunhee Lee

7p.01 Norio Kamekawa (JMA) Recent upgrades of satellite radiance data assimilation at JMA
7p.02 Mohamed Dahoui (ECMWF) Overview of ECMWF NWP changes  since ITSC-20
7p.03 Christina Köpken-Watts (DWD) Developments in satellite data assimilation at DWD since ITSC-XX


Nadia Fourrie, Florian Suzat (Météo France) Overview of infrared radiance assimilation in Météo-France models/

Ongoing developments on the use of microwave sounders and imagers at Météo-France

7p.06 Brett Candy (Met Office) NWP Centre Update:  Met Office
7p.07 Fiona Smith (BoM) Satellite assimilation at the Bureau of Meteorology
7p.08 Indira Rani (NCMRWF) NCMRWF NWP status
7p.09 Andrew Collard (NCEP, for John Derber) Progress and plans for the use of radiance data in the NCEP global and regional data assimilation systems

Action Items from ITSC-20
Moderators: Mitch Goldberg and Niels Bormann