Session 6a: Climate

30 November 2017 10:45 – 12:15
Chairs:  Hank Revercomb and Claudia Stubenrauch



Claudia J. Stubenrauch


The role of upper tropospheric cloud systems in climate: building observational metrics for Process Evaluation Studies
6.02 Martin Stengel 35 years of cloud observations based on HIRS measurements


Christoforos Tsamalis


Evaluation of the CM SAF Upper Tropospheric Humidity (UTH) climate data record from AMSU-B/MHS sounders


Cheng-Zhi Zou


Evaluation of Inter-Sensor Biases between SNPP/ATMS and POES/AMSU-A
 6.05 William Bell The use of satellite radiances in the C3S ERA5 Reanalysis