Session 5b: Clouds: assimilation and radiative transfer

30 November 2017 10:00 – 10:15
Chairs: Kozo Okamoto and Christina Köpken-Watts



Katrin Lonitz


Matching scales of observed and simulated cloud and precipitation processes seen in the microwave spectrum


Yanqiu Zhu


Further developments in the all-sky microwave radiance assimilation and expansion to ATMS in the GSI at NCEP


 Andrew Collard (for Li Bi)


All-sky infrared radiances assimilation of selected humidity sensitive IASI channels at NCEP/EMC
5p.04 Kozo Okamoto Evaluation and assimilation of all-sky infrared radiances of Himawari-8


Alan Geer


Scattering from non-spherical frozen particles in all-sky microwave radiative transfer


Victoria Galligani


Evaluation and comparison of simulated microwave cloudy radiances using RTTOV-SCAT and ARTS


Jerome Vidot


Hyperspectral IR cloudy radiance and Jacobian simulations : comparison between RTTOV and LIDORT