Session 5a: Assimilation – clouds

30 November 2017 08:30 – 10:00
Chairs: Kozo Okamoto and Christina Köpken-Watts

5.01 Alan Geer All-sky assimilation of IASI upper-troposphere water vapour channels


Ed Pavelin


Improved assimilation of cloud-affected hyperspectral infrared radiances


Imane Farouk


Towards the improvement of the assimilation of cloudy IASI observations in numerical weather prediction


Masahiro Kazumori


Development of an all-sky assimilation of microwave imager and sounder radiances for the Japan Meteorological Agency global numerical weather prediction system
5.05 Peter Weston Assimilation of AMSU-A in the presence of cloud and precipitation
5.06 Stefano Migliorini All-sky assimilation of microwave sounders at the Met Office