Session 4b: New and current observations

29 November 2017 17:15 – 17:30
Chairs: Peng Zhang and Stephen English

4p.01 Andrew Collard Plans for the utilization of JPSS and GOES-R satellite systems


Yoichi Hirahara


Operational use of Suomi NPP ATMS radiance data in JMA’s global NWP system


Yasutaka Murakami or Masahiro Kazumori


Assimilating clear-sky radiance of SSMIS humidity sounding channels in the JMA global NWP system with newly developed cloud detection algorithm


Jeon-Ho Kang


Development of the SSMIS processing system and their impacts on the 3DVAR in KIAPS


Bryan Karpowicz


Microwave Radiance Assimilation at NRL: Advanced Techniques, Developments, and Future Sensors


Bryan Karpowicz (for Steve Swadley)


Salvaging of the Final SSMIS Flight Unit for a Future Flight-of-Opportunity


Brett Candy


Recent Improvements to the Assimilation of Microwave Sounders in the Met Office NWP system


Stuart Newman (for Amy Doherty)


Investigation into the impact of SAPHIR on humidity analyses at the Met Office