Session 2b: Radiative transfer

29 November 2017 12:20 – 12:40
Chairs: Vivienne Payne, Guido Masiello and Allen Huang



Stephan Havemann


Improvements to fast radiative transfer modelling of hyperspectral infrared sounders
2p.02 Xavier Calbet Effects of atmospheric turbulence in radiative transfer modelling


Wenguang Bai


Estimation of CO2 column retrieval errors from ignoring 1.6μm polarization calculation in forward modeling for space-borne polarization-sensitive instruments
2p.04 Fuzhong Weng Simulation of UV Radiance Using UNL-VRTM
2p.05 Raymond Armante From GEISA-2015 to GEISA-2018
2p.06 Oleksandr Bobryshev Oxygen line-mixing: Consolidating a spectroscopy for AMSU-A


Emma Turner


Quantification of line-by-line parameter errors in the 183.31 GHz water vapour line


Domenico Cimini


Sensitivity of microwave downwelling brightness temperatures to spectroscopic parameter uncertainty


Heather Lawrence


Uncertainties in the dielectric constant model for seawater used in FASTEM and implications for the calibration/validation of new microwave sounding and imaging instruments


Steve J. English


A reference model for ocean surface emissivity from the microwave to the infrared


Louis Garand


Accounting for variations of the trial field along the line of sight of the satellite in radiance data assimilation