Session 15b: Future observations

4 December 2017 15:30 – 15:50
Chairs: Dorothee Coppens and Fuzhong Weng

15p.01 Francisco Bermudo IASI-NG Program: General Status Overview
15p.02 Adrien Deschamps Overview of the IASI-NG Level 1 Processing


Flavia Lenti


Introduction to the IASI-NG principal components and L2 operational processor.


Francesca Vittorioso


Preparing the assimilation of IASI-NG in NWP models: a first channel selection
15p.05 Cédric Goukenleuque Preparing test data for the IRS Level 2 processor


Zhenglong Li


Value-added Impact from Geostationary Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder on high impact weather forecasting – demonstration with quick regional OSSE


Zhenglong Li


Using CIRAS and MicroMAS-2 to mitigate the data gap of CrIS and ATMS
15p.08 Nigel Atkinson Level 1 processing for the Microwave Sounder on Metop-SG


Fiona Smith


Evaluation of Laser Heterodyne Radiometry (LHR) for Numerical Weather Prediction Applications