Session 12b: Assimilation studies

4 December 2017 09:45 – 10:15
Chairs: Vincent Guidard and Brett Candy

12p.01 Patrik Benacek Satellite Bias Correction in Limited-Area Model ALADIN


James Cameron


Comparison between global model and VarBC bias corrections in a UK regional model
12p.03 Ed Pavelin Diagnosis of residual biases in the assimilation of AMSU-A


Kristen Bathmann


Assimilating Infrared and Microwave Sounder Observations with Correlated Errors
12p.05 Peter Weston Accounting for correlated observation error in the assimilation of ATMS


William F. Campbell


Posterior Channel Selection for Satellite Radiances with Correlated Observation Error in  Hybrid 4DVar System (NAVGEM)
12p.07 Hyoung-Wook Chun Buddy check for radiance with analysis error variance
12p.08 Stuart Newman A decade of improved fits to satellite observations at the Met Office


Olaf Stiller


Observation impact diagnostics in an Ensemble Data Assimilation System
12p.10 Steve J. English Data Assimilation Methodology Developments at ECMWF


Louis Garand


Toward a coupled ocean-atmosphere data assimilation system:  first impact examination from the viewpoint of satellite radiances
12p.12 Reima Eresmaa Assimilation of satellite data in a coupled ocean-atmosphere system
12p.13 Bob Tubbs Met Office Convective-Scale Satellite Data Assimilation