Session 11b: Retrieval products and applications

1 December 2017 17:00 – 17:20
Chairs: Tony Reale and Kathleen Strabala

11p.01 Quanhua (Mark) Liu Overview of JPSS-1 and Suomi NPP ATMS SDR and EDR Products


A.K. Sharma


Exploitation of Hyperspectral Sounder and Microwaves sounder Data Products generated at NOAA/NESDIS


F. Di Paola


Retrieval of Temperature and Water Vapor vertical profile from ATMS Measurements with Random Forests technique


M. Crapeau


Experimenting different a priori sources for optimal estimation retrievals with IASI
11p.05 Bill Smith (Elisabeth Weisz) Hyper-Spectral Sounder Derived Severe Weather Indices


Nai-Yu Wang


Combining Imager and Lightning For Enhanced GOES-R Rain Estimates in the NWS Pacific Region
11p.07 Eva Borbas The Suomi-NPP VIIRS Total Precipitable Water Product


Junhyung Heo


Application of Cumulative Probability Distribution Function to Compositing Precipitable Water with Low Earth Orbit satellite data


Rute Ferreira


Evaluating Satellite Estimates for Extreme Rainfall in the Southern of Brazil in high resolution


Wei Dong


Structure Analysis of Heavy Precipitation Over the Eastern Slope of the Tibet Plateau Based on TRMM Data


Elisabetta Ricciardelli


Analysis of heavy rainfall events occurred in Italy by using Microwave and Infrared Technique