Session 10b: Land surface studies

1 December 2017 14:45 – 15:10
Chairs: Eva Borbas and Ben Ruston

10p.01 Withdrawn


Eva Borbas


The status of the Combined ASTER and MODIS Emissivity Over Land (CAMEL) Product


Chawn Harlow


MACSSIMIZE: An upcoming campaign to focus on the development and evaluation of Arctic snow emissivity models suitable for use in assimilation of satellite microwave sounder data


Niels Bormann


The current forecast impact of surface-sensitive microwave radiances over land and sea-ice in the ECMWF system


Jisoo Kim


The characteristics of the real-time land surface emissivity of the ATMS data for numerical weather prediction model


Keyi Chen


Increased use of microwave humidity sounding data from the FY-3 series in the ECMWF assimilation system
10p.07 Cristina Lupu Surface skin temperature for satellite data assimilation


Sylvain Heilliette


Assimilation of land surface skin temperature observations derived from GOES imagery


Guido Masiello


Implementation of a real-time Level 2 SEVIRI processor for the simultaneous physical retrieval of surface temperature and emissivity at global scale


Hyun-Sung Jang


Use of surface observations as pseudo channels for improving AIRS temperature and moisture retrieval


AK Mitra


Assessment of soil wetness variation for extreme events  using direct broadcast receiving system at IMD
10p.12 Chunlei Meng The Joint Land Data Assimilation System (JLDAS)